kale.stedman(8)                 System Administration                kale.stedman(8)

NAME         top

       kale.stedman - totes awesome at that linux thing

SYNOPSIS         top

       kale.stedman [options] 

DESCRIPTION         top

       kale.stedman is pretty good at making things work.
       Usually they're technical problems, but can also be human
       issues that are solved through technology.  Currently,
       the scope of influence is large-scale monitoring for
       online video game services, but kale.stedman can likely
       be cleverly invoked through its various [options] to
       solve a variety of issues.

OPTIONS         top

       -L, --lead 
              Specify kale.stedman to operate in a leadership context.
              Currently the default mode as of September 1, 2015 when 
              kale.stedman was promoted to NOC Team Lead.

       -S, --solve 
              Operate kale.stedman in solutions mode, wherein the
              primary goal is to solve the problem at hand, which almost
              certainly means diving deeper than the superficial error.
              This operation may take some time to complete but should
              always return success.

       -H, --hack  language
              Originally designed as a --develop mode, the feature
              has been scaled back due to scope creep.  Currently works
              for language python and bash, with best-effort
              support for other languages.

       -T, --teach 
              Invokes kale.stedman in teaching mode, designed to
              assist junior admins in honing their troubleshooting
              skills through 1-on-1 mentoring, guided study, and 
              direct support and encouragement of personal projects and

EXIT CODES         top

       The exit code returned by kale.stedman is 0 when all went well, and 
       1 when something went very, very wrong.

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AVAILABILITY         top

       kale.stedman is currently employed full-time and not
       looking for any opportunities. 
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